Who is this Blog for?

My goal with this space is undoubtedly ambitious. As you read along, I will strive to convince a number of different people about a number of different things, all related to how motherhood and business form powerful links and coalitions, how mothers are multi-competent knowledge workers, and how we should acknowledge this by building them a job description.

Surely I cannot know for a fact who will find interest in what I will be writing, but I can think of at least the following groups of people to whom this blog may prove relevant:

  • If you are a professional who is exploring the outskirts of motherhood for the first time, rejoice; you know more about motherhood than you think you do
  • If you are a stay at home mom who believes that her everyday life has nothing to do with the business world and is reluctant to apply for a new job, rejoice; you know more about the business than you think you do
  • If you are a recruiter or a hiring manager reviewing the application of a stay-at-home-mom but fear her time-off may have taken its toll on her business acumen, rejoice; she is bound to bring more business-relevant skills than you think (and you should dig deeper into unearthing them during the interview!)
  • If you are a coach, a mentor or a trainer seeking inspiration to enrich your practice in empowering women to embrace the complex multitude of their existence, rejoice; this is a go-to internet source filled with first-hand #mamager experience, rich in complex business concepts presented in a practical and simple way

Just an extra note before you get going: Anything and everything you see presented in this blog should hold true for dads too (as well as all other possible parenting schemes, settings and styles). However, since I am a woman myself, I do feel more empathetic and comfortable taking up the mom aspect of the whole parenting adventure; comfortable enough to base this blog’s logic on.

It would be a stretch for me to write about things I really can’t grasp like, for instance, how a stay-at-home-dad would feel, think, and operate under a similar setting. I could, however, use input from the respective community on that matter and, please, if you are, say, a dad with ideas to share and time on your hands, do pop me a message through the contact form and share your experience so we can help each other. That way I could revise some parts of the material and make this blog increasingly relevant to all parents.

Still, I can’t help but hope that this space will find its way in both mom and dad’s bookmarks, and I will do my best to make it as resonating and useful as possible for everyone with enough time to follow through!

Featured Photo: Rawpixel (Pexels)