Best Place to Work, Mom?

A couple of weeks back, the Working Mother Research Institute, home to the Working Mother 100 Best Companies, has revealed its annual list of the 100 Best Companies for 2019.

Human Resource Mamager

The more I blog about it, the more I realize how I’m actually a Mom on a mission: to help shape the World of Work along with the World of…

Mom Framework

Most of the times I generate analogies by digging into my work and home practices. But sometimes it’s the analogies that find me, and it’s so much more fun!

Learning Relationships

You begin your Parenting journey often contemplating all the things you could teach your mischievous little munchkin. But how prepared are you to actually learn?

Operations Mamager

Getting back to the office after my Maternity leave has helped me realize how much I had grown into a new role, a added bonus to Motherhood!

So Emotional, Baby!

My first year in Motherhood has been super powerful. Not only did I embark in a vast sea of creativity, but also experienced a major shift in the inner force…

Coaching like a Mom

New season ahead, and I feel it timely to discuss the epitome of the Motherhood experience: the complex -and yet indispensable- Art of Coaching!

Working Motherhood: A Myth?

Even before having kids, some of us had formed strong opinions of what our “after kids” work-life was going to look like, while others didn’t think much further than the…


Life with a toddler is tricky: it ranges between very messy and utterly chaotic. And, if you are one of those who likes control, it can turn into a real…

How He Does It | Josh Bersin

Parenting is hardly a Mom-show. No doubt, it takes two to tango. From those long newborn nights to paving the way towards adulthood while capturing the lively toddler moments, Dads…

Simple Mom

Motherhood. A very complex, multidimensional experience. Keeping things simple is every Mom’s uncovered superpower, and the only truly viable strategy!

Lessons Learned

A year into Motherhood isn’t very long, but the experience is so educating you can hardly find another to compare it with. Here’s to Lessons Learned!

Efficient Bites

You can never realize how crucial the ability to cook is, until you find yourself with a toddler and not know how to prepare his meal!


Woke up exhausted the other day. All sweaty and terrified, having spent the night dreaming of a long hurdle race I was in. So random. Or was it?

Darling Stories

Narrative. That powerfully provoking invitation to mentally connect, igniting a legendary inner quest-line towards meaning. The Story of my Life!

Games Parents Play

What if someone said to you there’s a way to make the hard stuff in life fun? Wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity to find out more? Well… Read on!

Analyze This!

When you are expecting, however prepared you may be, there are still some things you can’t see coming. But putting two and two together actually helps!

Shooting Troubles

Motherhood is the most intense experiential workshop I have ever participated in! There is really not much out there to compare it with. Expect, perhaps, Troubleshooting!

How *Do* They Do It?

We’ve all been through this at some point. We painstakingly stroll our baby to the nearest park to vent some of the day’s tension, only to bump into that dreaded…

Food for Thought

Every single moment I get to spend with my 10-month old son, generates a handful of yummy opportunities for learning and development. For the both of us; but mostly for…

Mother of Leaders

“A Mother does not flee without her children”. Or so says Daenerys Targaryen, a popular fictional character in G.R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series of novels. Bold…

Creatively Analogous

A powerful ability I didn’t realize I have until it became my main working tool, is observing surroundings and uncovering similarities where there initially seem to be none!

Grow On

If there’s one thing that Motherhood has taught me, it’s this: ever since our son was born, our entire Family has embarked on a thematic journey towards ongoing Growth.

Leave it Be!

When you are an expecting working Mom, the talk of the office town revolves around two topics: the baby’s sex, and how long you plan to be away.

There is no I in Parent

I showed this space to an esteemed professor of mine back from my MBA days looking for feedback. “Nice work!” he said “Don’t forget the Dads!”

Tendency for Dependency

I like the word Dependency. Although some may recognize its potentially limiting effect, I rather focus on its growth dynamic. That oddly nurturing power you gain when connecting the dots.

Got Plans?

As soon as my OB-GYN and I had the test results in place to confirm my pregnancy, we started talking milestones.

Project Mamager

Mentally preparing oneself to become a Mom is only one aspect of the motherhood journey. Getting ready for it on a practical level, is a whole different animal!