Choosing to Challenge

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated annually on March 8. This year we are raising awareness against bias, and taking action for equality.

2020: A Year Of Purpose

Only a couple of weeks before this year bids us farewell, and in synchronicity with tomorrow’s Solstice Day, I find it fitting to take a step back. Pause. Reflect. Shed…

Gratitude is Attitude

Is there a path to cope with adversity, to deal with uncertainty and to plan forward? If a silver bullet exists, it’s gotta build on Gratitude.

How He Does It | Aldin Beslagic

This month I feel that my competences are put to the ultimate test: a challenge to keep making life happen during (what looks like) a second upcoming covid-imposed lock-down, and…

Solution Crafting

Staying up to speed with the ever-changing world is hard. But the ability to transfer insights from one theme to another compensates.


Everyone keeps saying how the employee of the future is M-shaped, and I couldn’t agree more!

How She Does It | Emma El-Karout

What a year 2020 is slowly turning into! Every month, a new pressing matter, randomly risen to add up to the series of extravaganzas incessantly tormenting public opinion. A global…

Resilient Parents

Sitting at my quiet place, seventy-six days into remote work, one family relocation and one COVID19 crisis afterwards, I come to realize I am so much tougher than I thought!

Navigating Change

Building on sustainable ways to thrive in changing times being Managers, Parents and Citizens is complex, but not impossible.

Being #EachForEqual!

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated annually on March 8, and this year I really feel we should all be joining the current to strengthen that voice!


The more I connect with Moms all around the globe through this space, the more I realize this to be true: every Mom is different, but all Moms have…superpowers!

Year of the Mother

Motherly and Mom Congress are declaring 2020 as the “Year of the Mother”, with a new social media campaign that launches today!

Knowledge Worker

Where are you with your New Year resolutions? Showcasing how Mothers are Multi-competent Knowledge Workers has topped my list!

It’s a Wrap, Mom!

In the nick of time, right after 2019 kicked the bucket, I feel an urgent need to count our many blessings from the year that went by, excited to see…


Holiday break. Yay! After a good four straight months back in the workplace wearing suits and uncomfortable (ok, elegant too!) shoes, some much-needed pajama time by the fireplace!

I Am Mom (?)

Getting by as a Mom has me going through a multitude of phases. Hopefully I’m leveling up, even though it feels like I’m oscillating between stages most of the time…

How She Does It | Iota Leoni

This month’s journey to the unearthed secrets of Parenting is a nostalgic one for me, since I get to revisit an old friend. Iota and I go many years back. We were classmates in…

All Grit to Me

Isn’t it fascinating how the English language uses the same word to describe small loose particles of sand and, at the same time, strength of character?

Best Place to Work, Mom?

A couple of weeks back, the Working Mother Research Institute, home to the Working Mother 100 Best Companies, has revealed its annual list of the 100 Best Companies for 2019.

Human Resource Mamager

The more I blog about it, the more I realize how I’m actually a Mom on a mission: to help shape the World of Work along with the World of…

Mom Framework

Most of the times I generate analogies by digging into my work and home practices. But sometimes it’s the analogies that find me, and it’s so much more fun!

Learning Relationships

You begin your Parenting journey often contemplating all the things you could teach your mischievous little munchkin. But how prepared are you to actually learn?

Operations Mamager

Getting back to the office after my Maternity leave has helped me realize how much I had grown into a new role, a added bonus to Motherhood!

So Emotional, Baby!

My first year in Motherhood has been super powerful. Not only did I embark in a vast sea of creativity, but also experienced a major shift in the inner force…

Working Motherhood: A Myth?

Even before having kids, some of us had formed strong opinions of what our “after kids” work-life was going to look like, while others didn’t think much further than the…