Working Moms of Athens: A new Lean In Circle!

Project Mamager is now sponsoring a Lean In Circle, exclusive to the Working Moms of Athens! Here’s how you can Join!

Last month, on my Birthday (also marking the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century – which is pretty neat in a super nerdy way!) we let out the new identity of Project Mamager: two circles of Life that join in the middle, signaling a common ground. A space where there’s shared needs, ideas, experiences, but also transferable Knowledge, Skills and Abilities. A creative space filled with potential, and powered by the collective creative dynamic of the community of Working Parents who follow this space. But redesigning our identity and enjoying our new logo is not a destination: it’s a post. A starting point. Perhaps the tip of an iceberg, and surely a precious memento to carry along with us.

Touching-base with the Moms and Dads who make this space, reaching out to learn more about their state of mind as they navigate their Working Parenthood course, multiple insights came forth. And if there’s one insight that stood out, it is that we need each other, now more than ever. This insight was too loud to be ignored. It stood out in our empathy maps and has made it possible for Project Mamager’s entirely new Vision Statement to emerge:

To become a place of deep and meaningful Bonding, Inclusion and Growth, for Working Parents across the board.

project mamager vision statement

Being the unapologetic engineer that I am (with a passion for linguistics and a thing for the Dictionary) I can’t help but relate to this vision statement through… decomposing it into its unique parts (duh!):

  • Become: To fully embrace one’s existence. To express one’s nature and essence in every manifestation. To walk your talk.
  • Place: A spatial entity. Something that occupies a dimension, a particular position, point, or area; a location.
  • Deep: Extending or situated far in from the outer edge or surface. Profound or penetrating in awareness or understanding.
  • Meaningful:  Important and worthwhile. Communicating something that is not directly expressed. Conveys meaning.
  • Bonding: The establishment of a relationship or link with someone, based on shared feelings, interests, or experiences.
  • Inclusion: The practice of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be marginalized or excluded from a group.
  • Growth: The process of developing Physically, Mentally, or Spiritually.
  • Working Parents: Moms and Dads in the Workforce. White and Blue collar. Full and part-time. Managers and Individual Contributors. Employees and Entrepreneurs. Traditional and Progressive. Single and Married. Everyone is included. We belong here. Together.

I realize this is a bold vision statement. Broad and inclusive. Ambitious and filled with potential. And it should be as much. And I wouldn’t want it any other way: frail or insecure. We think big, and aim high, with our Vision as our compass. Deep and meaningful will always be preferred in this space over circumstantial and superficial. Anything and everything we announce through this space and social media presence will reflect our visionary standpoint. Every little bit of action or activity. Because there will be subsequent activities, based on the feedback and insights captured, and I’m pretty pumped to announce our first one, exclusively for… Working Moms.

From this month onward, Project Mamager aligns with the vision of Lean In, the global movement created by Sheryl Sandberg in support of Women as they achieve their ambitions and create an equal world of work. Lean In aspires to help Women come together, to learn from each other and achieve their goals, advocating for better public policies and a more equitable workplace. Lean In runs programs to combat bias, actively promotes the expansion of impactful Lean In Circles, and publishes the annual Women in the Workforce report for the state of women in Corporate America. Project Mamager is now proudly supporting a Lean In Circle, exclusive to the Working Moms of Athens!

Why is this initiative in sync with Project Mamager? Because we have felt it in our gut how Working Motherhood should not be a solo sport. Each and every one of our numerous How She Does It interviews reflects the importance and impact of support networks, and the struggles faced when those are absent or not solid enough. It truly takes a village to raise a child and, in a world where Women still face bias and other barriers at Work, we should actively invest in building adamant support networks. The Working Moms of Athens Lean In Circle aspires to become a place of deep and meaningful Bonding and Growth, under the following Mission Statement:

To energize, empower and enable the Working Moms of Athens to grow into the most fulfilled and empowered versions of themselves, and generate ripple effects for cultivating a purposeful growth mindset!

working moms of athens mission statement

Behind every fulfilled and successful Woman, a thriving community should be allowed to flourish. A support network. A Lean In Circle, 100% aligned with the Vision of Project Mamager as a safe space to share our struggles, give and get advice, and celebrate each other’s wins real-time. So, with Project Mamager’s Working Moms of Athens Circle officially live and part of the Lean In Hellas Network, we are ready for you!

Lean In Circles Concept (

The Working Moms of Athens Circle aspires to create a deep bond of growth and meaningful support among Working Mothers who reside in Athens, Greece. As part of the Global Lean In Community, the members of the Working Moms of Athens Circle will:

  • Meet once a month at a time which will be conveniently co-decided by the group. Our Meetings will be 100% Virtual.
  • Prompt group discussion and help working Moms learn new skills together, powered by the outstanding guides and resources provided by I will be personally facilitating these discussions.
  • Build a tight-knit support group to effectively guide us through our career and life. Whatever happens in our Circle stays in our Circle, abiding by the LeanIn Circle fundamentals (also known as the 3Cs) Confidentiality, Communication & Commitment.
  • Commit to One Action! Every meeting will close with a growth commitment: one thing we’ll do next to step outside our comfort zone or learn a new skill before our next meetup.

Whether you need help navigating your new normal at life and work or are looking for active support from Moms who understand what you’re going through, the Working Moms of Athens Circle will give you the boost you need to take on 2021. The way I see it, there’s only one way to go from this point: Full.Speed.Ahead!

Join Us: Visit the Working Moms of Athens Circle website and hit on “Request to Join“. Get the support you deserve, Momma. The rest will be… History in the making!

We. Got. This!

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