It’s a Wrap, Mom!

In the nick of time, right after 2019 kicked the bucket, I feel an urgent need to count our many blessings from the year that went by, excited to see what could be waiting ahead!

Back in January I started this blog as a passion project. I wanted to expand my perspective around Parenthood (and polish my writing skills as well!) by digging into the hypothesis that Mothers are multi-competent knowledge workers that the workplace should start treating differently. Throughout this year I have been revisiting the topic through several different angles, trying to build a case for Moms and how they actually possess more work-related competences than we give them credit for. Is it working? Am I really contributing to something? Am I actually changing the works of work one analogy at a time? I don’t know. But I’m putting my best self out there, and I plan on keeping it up.

A lot of water under the bridge. It’s been 337 days since my first blog post, and 557 days into Motherhood: the experience that completely reshaped my way of being. 32 blog posts and 8 interviews later, I have had the time of my life capturing my thoughts, and seem to have hit some pretty cool achievements too:

  • My blog has had a little over 4.000 views in a year’s time, is followed by 14 people, has gathered 18 likes and is home to 3 comments. All this without any advertising or paid promoting whatsoever: only by reposting the articles on my social media accounts. I’m sure there are better-performing blogs out there (worse-performing ones too!), and I plan to learn from other people’s paradigm on how better to spread our message.
  • My thoughts and writings have reached over 1.900 people spanning in 67 countries across the Globe. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to be noticed by folks outside Europe, coming from places such as the United States, India, Australia, Canada, China, Mexico, or South Africa! Thank you! धन्यवाद! 谢谢!¡Gracias! Ngiyabonga!
  • I have received dozens of messages of support, coming from Parents (Moms and Dads alike!) telling me to keep working on this blog. People I don’t know (and probably will never get to grab coffee with) reached out to express how this article gave them a good idea, or how that interview resonated in ways that helped them feel less isolated or more empowered. What the particular article was about is irrelevant. Whether it had to do with Planning, Troubleshooting, Creativity, Storytelling, or Change is secondary. It can’t (and won’t) alter the fact that I feel humbled. I’m grateful. No way I’m letting this honor and responsibility fade. I’m keeping this up!
  • I have recovered from my postpartum anxiety attacks, with more mental and emotional clarity than ever before in my entire life. Writing is my therapy, and maintaining this blog is my prescription. Being consistent about it (along with my daily mindful meditation) has helped me recover bit by bit. It wasn’t fast. It wasn’t easy either. But Grit is a superpower, and pays huge dividends once you commit.

So it’s a wrap Momma. Here’s me bidding farewell to a great 2019, eager to be my best self, present enough to experience an equally enriching New Year ahead with my Family.

I aim to continue to serve and feel empowered by the the global community of Parents: working or staying at home, struggling and coping, growing and embracing our unique selves in our holistic existence, borrowing tips, tricks and ideas from any setting that offers transferable experiences and forging an uncontested link between Home and Work life!

Happy New Year! We Got This!

Featured Photo: Giftpundits (Pexels)

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