How She Does It | Artemis Evangelidi

Kicking-off our new monthly journey to demystifying Parenthood one story at a time, with Artemis Evangelidi, a Mother of two and a person I personally admire for her caring and positive stance.

Artemis walks her talk, helping people on the way! I am a big fan of her work, and follow the Daily Leadership Tips and Conscious Business Inspirations she posts though her Facebook Page!

Artemis Evangelidi, Founder & MD of Aipeia Consulting

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a holistic business and legal consultant, and the founder and managing director of Aipeia Consulting.  We focus on creating ethical, transparent and purpose driven businesses, providing Conscious Leadership training and workshops, as well as holistic business support. Our client base is around the world, and in various industries.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Psychology & Physiology) and a Bachelor of Laws from Melbourne Australia almost 20 years ago. My career has seen me traverse the world: from Melbourne, to Athens, to Doha, to Cyprus. I have 2 beautiful children, my daughter is 5 and my son is 3.  After many years of working abroad and travelling for business, I am currently located in Nicosia Cyprus.

I am extremely passionate about my work, which is a complete embodiment of who I am as a person.  My goal is to empower people to be the best versions of themselves. I believe that we are all here with a purpose: something that will enable us all to live better and create a better world, and I want to see to it that each person’s purpose is allowed to shine!

Stemming from your personal experience, what is the toughest part of being a Mom, and how do you manage it?

One of the hardest things for me when I had my first child was balancing the various roles. I suddenly found myself with an additional title, and I had no idea how to make all the other titles co-exist! When I found myself struggling, I immediately asked for help from experts. They were instrumental in showing me that I am ME first and foremost. 

Self- love and self-care are vital ingredients for a happy mother, and so my attention turned inwards. This allowed me to balance all my different roles, and find peace within each moment.

Who is (are) your go-to person(s) when you need support as a Mother? What type of support are you mostly in need of?

As we do not live near our families (mine are in Australia and my husband’s in Greece) I am extremely blessed that my husband, my parents and my friends are all a source of support, love and inspiration for me. 

The support I need the most is emotional – the physical things always get done and my husband is truly an involved and hands-on father from the get go. But when I need a break, or some time away, or time for myself to do the things I love (meditation retreats, mini breaks away etc.) I am backed up 100% from my husband to do these things. This comes back to the self-love, self-care needs I spoke about earlier, which I believe are critical for every mother.

What’s the No1 Skill (or Ability, or Knowledge) you have found handy in your role as a Mom?

Having emotional intelligence followed closely by being able to prioritize. Being able to monitor what I’m feeling has been critical in showing me what I need, and of course not reacting out of tiredness or stress, but being able to control my responses. I think I use this skill daily: while managing a toddler tantrum, or even when juggling work client commitments and the kids.

What advice do you have for a new Mom?

Try to take a step back and focus on you. Listen to what you need as much as what your baby needs, and don’t have too high expectations from yourself. Find a support network – even online if you must – and speak openly and honestly. Communicate truthfully with your partner and express your needs. This is so important: if people around you don’t know what you are feeling then they cannot lend a helping hand!

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Featured Photo: Rawpixel (Pexels)

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