Happy Working Mothers Day 2020!

It’s Friday before Mother’s Day, so Happy Working Mother’s Day!

You know you are living in too-hectic-to-manage times, when you are actually able to get down to writing about Working Mother’s Day on the Sunday following that: global Mothers Day!

My casual working Friday (amidst the COVID19 lockdown) found me teleworking in my slippers for the 2nd consecutive Month. (Or is it 3rd already?)

Responsible for finding ways to support my colleagues at the Bank’s Group IT Department during the (lovely for some yet weird for most) remote working phase, I led two more webinar sessions on “Productive Remote Work & Leading Virtual Teams”. 17 other sessions like those had preceded. My throat had gotten sore long before my 2 o’clock herbal tea, when I began working on a corporate presentation due by 17:00. Meanwhile, my cute toddler had smilingly (and forcedly) came to say hello to the attendees in both my workshops!

Photo: Anastasia Shuraeva (Pexels)

Oh the miracles of virtual accessibility (and my extremely sharpened multitasking ability): Friday afternoon was actually spent attending two places at once!

Before I knew it, it was 18:00 already and I had to wrap it up. The remainder of the day was dedicated to my family: catching up with hubby and our munchkin, we spend a short yet relaxing afternoon together packed with cuddles and reading Disney stories. By 21:00 I was wasted. I had a study group planned for 22:00, yet I managed to crash on the couch not realizing the time until after midnight. (Sorry Grow’s Maples!) And this pretty much sums up how I spent this year’s Working Mothers Day!

Last year, I was on my maternity leave on Working Mothers Day. I was doing tons of unpaid work back then, but we had a good routine in place already with baby J, and everything felt smooth. This year, I’m on a multi-vitamin supplement. My beloved family is an integral part of my existence, compass to fitting in any additional activity, but not the sole thing on my mind. I let go of the working mom guilt, and I’m more centered this way. I embrace my hectic schedule because it keeps my head straight: I’m a better mom and spouse when my day has additional stuff in it. And my day job is my balancing act.

As my fav Girl Scouts (Heart of the South) report, every day fifty-two million women in the United States balance the demands of motherhood and careers. Just like I try to. Women now make up more of the workforce than ever before, and with 70% of the total female workforce having children under the age of 18, these women on average put in 98-hour work week factoring in work and home duties. That was before the current pandemic challenged time constraints and the stretching of talent for everyone in the workforce.

Countless working mothers now bear the added weight of becoming tutors to their children and setting up virtual office spaces, or still showing up to work at essential businesses (here’s looking at you female doctors, pharmacists or super-market cashiers, only to name a few)! Not to mention the stress of job security, health of families and friends, and countless other worries.

Here’s to all us Working Moms who meet the deadlines and sign up to carpool. Here’s to all us Moms who lead team meetings and then help with homework. Here’s to all us Working Moms who give our soul to our families, and show up to give back to the Community. We are beyond Working Motherhood, Momma. We are practically Superheroes!

Featured Photo: Kristina Paukshtite (Pexels)

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  1. So true Stella! The best is yet to come!!! (By the time your sweetie goes to school and you start your “mama taxi” career!!!)


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