How He Does It | Aldin Beslagic

This month I feel that my competences are put to the ultimate test: a challenge to keep making life happen during (what looks like) a second upcoming covid-imposed lock-down, and two of the most business-critical work-related project roll-outs on top of homeschooling. The only two things that manage to save my mental health and maintain sanity is extreme Planning for qualitative family-work-self-time, and coffee. Black! Exhausting, but it somehow plays out (at least for now)!

However, it’s not just the aforementioned conundrums that got to shape the latest frenzy. This month I got to embark in a new growth journey: I gathered my mental troops and went back to University to officially study about my passion – Adult Learning. In the following 2 years, I aspire to expand my knowledge horizons on how people learn, where learning happens (at work, at home, or anywhere!), and how I could more systematically contribute. It’s been a month into the program already (I am keeping a Learning Portfolio here in case you enjoy reading brief scientific articles written in Greek), and I am super pumped about the whole experience. Still, juggling it all is much harder than anticipated, and I seriously wouldn’t have dared to enroll without the ongoing mental and practical support of my husband (hands down, one of the greatest hands-on dads I know).

Speaking about great dads, this month I am honored to welcome Aldin Beslagic in our How He Does It column. Aldin is a Staffing guru, and General Manager of BestLogic Staffing, a full-service staffing search firm that has diligently emerged itself in recruiting and placing qualified and quality candidates with expertise in various technical areas. BestLogic’s logo is, in effect, the reason we connected!

BestLogic take great pride in their logo: it showcases a lion, and there’s great meaning behind it. The lion symbolizes strength, courage, and leadership. As one can read in BestLogic’s website, “a lion’s roar stops you: it is a terror that shakes you up and draws you into something beautiful”. So, when you enter BestLogic’s HQ in Connecticut, United States, you should surely expect to come across their logo. But that’s not all you get to see!

Hanging on the wall of Aldin’s office, there’s a children’s drawing: a lion’s head, drawn by Aldin’s 5-year-old daughter, Ella! It’s not only that it’s a lovely drawing, it also gets to symbolize how our lives are one interconnected sphere: work-life and family-life in alignment. It’s how we get to bring our best selves out there: as a whole to tackle all roles! I got to respect Aldin’s life-stance immensely out of this drawing. No brainer how I reached out requesting for his contribution to the column, and thrilled to report that he agreed!

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Aldin Beslagic and I’m a General Manager with BestLogic Staffing (BLS). BLS is a full-service staffing search firm that has diligently emerged in recruiting and placing qualified and quality candidates with expertise in various technical areas in the North East of the United States ( For the past decade, I have been in the Staffing/Recruiting/Talent Acquisition career branch. I graduated from Quinnipiac University with a Bachelor in Finance and International Business. In the following years, I have obtained my Master in Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Science in Accounting (MSA).

As an executive leader, I focus to create and build a collaborative and synergistic culture, and a coherent brand identity based upon core values of professionalism, entrepreneurship, and integrity. I’m also an active recruiter working on jobs across a broad range of functional and industry lines of business. People find me to be an upbeat, self-motivated team player and leader with excellent communication skills.

Most importantly, I have two kids, Alen (7 yrs) and Ella (5 yrs). My wife comes from a similar upcoming and pretty opposite personalities, so our chemistry works really well.  I do what I do to solely provide a better future for my family. As a child, I grow up in a war (Bosnia), and would not want my kids to go through what my family went through.

If you don’t find me in the office or with my kids, I would be on the soccer field, coaching or playing. Soccer plays a big part in my life. 

Who is (are) your go-to person(s) when you need support as a Father? What type of support are you mostly in need of?

When there is a need for advice I would ask my parents (Miralem and Mirjana) or best friend Ervin on how to handle certain situations.

What’s the No1 Skill (or Ability, or Knowledge) you have found handy in your role as a Father?

The number 1 skill I have found handy in your role as a father is prioritizing and time management. Your family should be the top priority on your schedule. Everything and everyone else comes and goes, but the family will be always there for you.  Time management, if you are with your family, be there with them. Put your phones, laptops, any smart devices and spend the time with the family without disturbance. 

What advice do you have for a new Dad?

My advice to Dads is that sometimes what we do is not easy and to hang in there. When you have little ones, they want you and your attention. Give them all your time and listen to them and sometimes we get it wrong but that’s OK. We learn from our mistakes! Teach them to do the right thing and discipline is really important as well.

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